• Zero Hour - The Walking Dead
What is Zero Hour?

Zero Hour - The Walking Dead will take place on 12.9.2015, this is a Zombie Run and outdoors fair with a Rock n Roll party. This is a free event where you can participate and immerse yourself into post apocalyptic Helsinki.

The main activity of the day is the Zombie Run, starting in Lasipalatsi, that transforms Baana into a battle for survival between humans and zombies.

Join now, it's free!

The event is free to attend and open for all. The pre-registration for zombies and survivors is now open: Registration Form.

Alternatively, you can register on the day but we might run out of player slots.

Zero Hour celebrates the launch of the 6th season of The Walking Dead series, which first airs on the 12th of October on Fox Network.

Program Schedule

10:30 - Survival Market opens
14:00 - Zombies Check-In and Setup
15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 - Zombie Run Starting Times
17:45 - Zombie Parade

18:30 - Polygon Black
19:20 - Ilja 33
20:10 - The Shrieks
21:00 - Nicky Rothen

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” — Mark Twain


A Zombie Run is a mix between sports and game where you can choose to be a Zombie or a Survivor.

INSIDE JOB presents:

Zero Hour – The Walking Dead 2015
Saturday 12.9.2015 at Lasipalatsi, Helsinki

Celebrating the Finnish premiere of the sixth season of The Walking Dead on Fox Network.


This is event is FREE and open for all, ages 0 to 666.
(under 14 should be accompanied by an adult).
We do not require any tickets or formal ID, all you have to do is register at http://goo.gl/forms/6z3AqoG3H5


Bring comfortable clothes and footwear, suitable for running and a bottle of water.
If you want us to do your Zombie make up please arrive early so we have time to prepare you.
Remember to bring a camera, pics or it didn’t happen.
Please do NOT bring anything that looks like any kind of weapon, even if it’s a children’s toy. We will be very well behaved for this edition (yes, more will follow)!


10:00 – The Zero Hour organizers take over Lasipalatsi.
12:00 – The SurvivorsMarket™ and the free Zombie make-up station opens to the public.
15 – 16:45 – Zombie Run
17:00 – Final Zombie Run with Baltic Warriors
17:45 – ZombieParade™
18:30 – Polygon Black
19:20 – Ilja 33
20:10 – The Shrieks
21:00 – Nicky Rothen


This is not a contact sport.
Survivors will be given a belt with Lives (velcro strips) and try to reach the end with at least one life still attached to the belt.
Zombies will try to steal the lives from the Survivors.
Survivors will start from Lasipalatsi and will be sent in small groups.
Zombies will be stationed at Baana from 15:00 and return to Lasipalatsi at 17:45
At the Ruoholahti end of Baana there will be an official ZombieTram™ provided by HKL/Taidelinja that will take you back to Kamppi for free (no ticket required).
The tram does not have a fixed schedule and it will be circulating approximately every 20 minutes.
Survivors that return to Lasipalatsi can get free make-up provided by Head Hunter Store and Punanaamio to join the Zombie team.
At 17:00 we will launch a final wave of survivors with the players of the Baltic Warriors Larp.

Remember to comply with all traffic rules on your way to Baana.
When in Baana make sure you stay on the ZombieLane™ and do not disturb the cyclists.
Enjoy yourself and make new friends, Zombies love everyone just the same.


At 17:45 we will have a parade with all the fabulous looking Zombies in Lasipalatsi, and give out fantastic prizes from Poromagia and Head Hunter Store to the best Zombies.


Soi Soi’s food truck will be stationed at Lasipalatsi square selling delicious Vegetarian and Vegan meals and drinks.


Two official ZombieToilets™ will be stationed at Lasipalatsi square, also suitable for survivors.


Inside Job – https://www.facebook.com/www.insidejob.agency




The organizers of Zero Hour – The Walking Dead reserve the right to make any adjustments to the schedule and services provided on site.

# F.A.Q.
We will add and answer all related questions here.

Is there an age limit? You must be 14 or older to participate in the Zombie Run, or be accompanied by an adult.

Can I just watch? Yes, spectators are welcomed and Baana has some good vantage points, plus the whole outdoors market and after party are FREE so bring your friends.

What should I bring? Comfortable or running shoes, a drink, a camera.

What should I wear? Because you never know when the apocalypse is going to strike feel free to come in Halloween Costumes, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Pajamas or your Finest Attire!

If I’m dead can I still run? If you lose all your lives you became infected, that doesn’t mean you’re dead yet so don’t start chasing your fellow Survivors. Keep going, you can distract Zombies to help other Survivors.

Do I really need to run? You can always just walk, strut or skip away towards your doom.

How long is the course? The course is between 2 to 3 Km (we didn’t measure it too accurately).

Can I be a Survivor and a Zombie on the same day? There probably won’t be enough time for you to do both so don’t count on it. If you become infected after a run and get Zombie make-up we might just let you loose on the course for the next run.

Will there be enough Zombies? We can make sure there is a good ratio between Survivors and Zombies by sending Survivors into the run in waves of adjustable group sizes.

How much does it cost?Nothing, it’s free for all!

Can I Volunteer? Yes, please, we can always use some help with the event.

I’m a photographer, can I take pictures of your Zombies? Absolutely and we would love it if share your photos with us. We will credit you and only use the images with your permission.

I’m from the Media, can I cover your event? Of course, contact us in advance and we will make sure you don’t miss on all the action.

I have a business, how can I become a Sponsor / Vendor? Please contact us and we will find a meaningful way of getting you on board. Our email is info (at) zerohour.fi

ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki2015 (80)


In Lasipalatsi there will be a series of themed activities for both Zombies and Humans of all ages, for example:

We will be offering basic Zombie Make-overs.

For an upgraded and serious Zombie Make-over visit the stand of Head Hunter Store.

Our friends from Poromagia will be running a table top game with figurines.

The Blood Bank and the Red Cross will make sure we stay human.

ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki2015 (90)
Taking part in some activities might earn you an extra life if you are a Survivor.


Didn’t make it? Got infected?We made it? That’s ok, let’s go out in style and party like there is no tomorrow!

Bands will be playing live at MBAR terrace.


  • 21:00 – Nicky Rothen – Rock’n’Roll
  • 20:10 – The Shrieks – Psychobilly
  • 19:20 – Ilja 33 – Low-fi Garage
  • 18:30 – Polygon Black – Metal

Will be playing a crossover between Blues, Rock’n’Roll and Psychobilly.
(now playing “God Sent Me To Hell”)

Hometown: Tampere
Facebook: FleshRoxon


The Shrieks will be playing their high energy Psychobilly Punk.
(here’s a sample from their recent album)

Hometown: Helsinki
Facebook: TheShrieks


Ilja Jalkanen will be debuting his a Garage Rock project Ilja 33
(here’s a video from before)

Hometown: Helsinki
Facebook: iljaJalkanenOfficial


Polygon Black will be playing some new material, of their series of metal covers of video game soundtracks.
(here’s a sample)

Hometown: Helsinki
Facebook: PolygonBlack


With Zero Hour we hope to keep pushing participatory culture, connect and engage with people of all walks of life in a fun themed event. The Zombie Apocalypse serves as backdrop where everyone is equal, it serves as an excuse, an alibi, for people to interact in an intense and unique experience that is fueled by a large and highly engaged crowd.

Here are SIX reasons why Zombies are great:

  1. If you are ready for Zombies you are ready for everything.
  2. Zombies are simple and everybody knows what they are.
  3. Zombies want you for your brains not your looks!
  4. Zombies have no borders and are free from politics and nationalisms.
  5. Zombies can be extremely fun, look great on camera, gather media and public attention.
  6. Zombies are inclusive! They like everyone just the same, independent of Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Skin Colour, Religion, Cultural or Economical background.

ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki2015 (65)

We believe counter culture does not have a defined form, nor does it have defined borders. Instead, it has a series of gravitational centers and with Zero Hour we are aiming to connect and amplify as many of these centers as possible. Regardless of what popular culture spits out, what matters is what you like and what you do. We want to shine a light on some of the local different subcultures and cultural fringes. Our goal is to disseminate the alternative and celebrate the people behind it.

Being active is good for you but it should also be fun, so we combine sports and game. Leading an active life is key to having a healthy life and this is valid at all ages.

In a society that idolizes the pursuit of happiness, carrying out a life where the destination is to find joy through material goods is not only ineffective, but it’s a never-ending journey. The key to happiness is spending our time and money experiencing life. It’s the priceless experiences in life that makes us happy at the end of day.

Every experience brings with it a mistake or triumph, and often a realization about who we are as individuals. Experience helps us clarify how we think, who we want to surround ourselves with, and ultimately an understanding of what makes us happy in life. Experiences bring us happiness not just when we’re having the experience, but also when we simply think about them.

ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki2015 (107)


To organize this event we joined forces with Head Hunter Store, Horror Shop and Verusteleka.


Inside JobCultural Agency

Inside Job Cultural Agency


FOX – http://www.facebook.com/foxfinland
mbar – http://www.facebook.com/mbarhelsinki
Poromagia – http://www.facebook.com/Poromagia
Head Hunter Store – http://www.facebook.com/headhunterstore
Varusteleka – http://www.facebook.com/Varusteleka
HKL / Taidelinja – http://www.facebook.com/Taidelinja
Red Cross, Blood Bank – http://www.facebook.com/veripalvelu
Punanaamio.fi – http://www.facebook.com/Punanaamio
Training Camp Korjaamo – http://www.facebook.com/trainingcampkorjaamo
Soi Soi Kasvisravintolat – http://www.facebook.com/soisoikasvisruokaa
Lasipalatsin Mediatori – http://www.facebook.com/lasipalatsi


To the Zombie fans out there, YOU are our biggest partner!

When you become actively engaged, playful or merely curious you join a larger and highly diverse crowd. Here have a look.

ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki_ZombieCrowd#1 ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki_ZombieCrowd#2 ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki_ZombieCrowd#3 ZeroHour_ZombieWalkHelsinki_ZombieCrowd#4
(click the images above to see albums 1 to 4)



You can reach us on social media or directly via email info(on)zeroHour.fi


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The Walking Dead are taking over Helsinki. This could be your last day on Earth so let’s make it a fun one!